DJI MAVIC AIR – Best drone yet? A full (but quick) Review

Could this be the best hobbyist drone out there? I'll lay out my case Subscribers to this channel know that I love using drones to help tell stories They also know that I've had a ton of problems with my Mavic in the past A couple of problems that I'm having there is this insane gimbal vibration, but DJI has Totally redeemed themselves

Since that video I have bought the spark as well as the air and I'm feeling more and more confident that DJI is figuring out how to make better drones I'm gonna lay out everything that I love about the Air, some neutral things, and At least one thing that I really don't like Let's make this short I think we can get through this pretty quickly First off, the thumbsticks tuck right away Very nice Secondly everything fits in this nice little package Also, I take my remote and I fit it in the back of that package overall, you cannot beat this size the Mavic or the Mavic Pro

It's kind of big and this guy just tucks away in this little little tiny thing It's so great It handles really well in wind as opposed to the spark But I still I still love the spark – Just not on a windy day Take this guy The gimbal cover is pretty nice and this camera really does everything that I need it to do as a hobbyist taking videos I haven't really encountered any connection or calibration issues with this guy Other youtubers say that they have but it's been pretty good for me so far So as for the things I'm kind of neutral about that would be like the charging port style You have your USBc see back here You can also take the battery out and charge it this way A lot of people are upset that the drone comes with USBC and the remote comes with microUSB But I always have both cords on me

So it's it's not the best but it's fine Also, some people are upset that the remotes no longer have the LCD screen Also, I don't think this is a big deal But if you liked that then you're not gonna like this remote and thirdly this particular drone Didn't come with the waypoints in the app So if you're into putting in waypoints, you can still use a third-party app in order to have that accessibility I don't really use them So I think it's fine The only thing that I don't like about this guy is that it's pretty noisy You can find quiet props on the internet but apparently they don't work very well and At least to me, I don't want to put a prop on here that might have this guy crash I'm not sure if there are some kind of Safety reason behind that but they just don't offer it So if you're trying to fly stealthy One, you should be questioning what you're doing perhaps but – you're not gonna find it for this particular model In conclusion if you were a hobbyist Or just want to take videos and photos This guy is going to be absolutely perfect for you I've had it since February and I really loved its size and then I just haven't had As many issues with it at all So man

Do I love this guy I agree with me disagree with me comment below and thanks for watching