[DISCOUNT ✂️] Holy Stone HS100 FPV RC Drone Unboxing & Review | Best Drones Under $300

Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 Review it is available here we have it the hardest own HS 100 this is a Joan has a video this is for the camera little things and we got two sets of propellers right here Amy's embrace me wish you the battery right now we have charged it there you go and you have the micro USB for charging the battery right here you get extra set of London yours patella box and over here this is like a thank you booklet you have a pen pretty nice job you see it's like an emergen hey this is where you threw the battery porridge on the shirt for to change the angle of the camera nice padding here it's a nice gene can't wait to test it well nice feature here the remote let me tell you that the battery is built-in you charge it over here with via micro USB here you lift this up so you can fit your phone for pretty large phones well I put the propellers now you will tell you here Adi wrecking the size a and B you go ahead and put B right here let me get this card extra bar free once longer flying time free you just need to share your awesome fly experience by running and honest an awesome product review then contact us at battery at holy song calm that way you get a free extra battery for this job instructions to install the propellers so you can see the detail on the propeller right here is for the propeller then the spacer ring flip string with the screwed and then the cap let's do that propellers spacer Rosie for this crew along it and then skirting let's put a cap on it beautiful also charge the remote til it's green and we need me so the cops already comes with it and gigabyte SD card already integrated on the camera let's go ahead and for the battery run let you get right there turn around let's see hide us another mode by pressing for 2 seconds if you see the camera over here is for the Advil all right so download the app baby barcode reader for Android and open link it will go to HS DPS Pro you stop alright so this is my first time ever sitting on a quadcopter you go ahead and connect to the Wi-Fi it's connected so checking for updates on the app go to enter device wow he's pretty cool nice so this is P how it looks you could take photos here the video with a follow mode time point to take off and land from the app let's see how my job I am daddy recording now rocky takeoff all right I'm gonna show you how to do comm-pass calibration I will do this only when you first get it because the germ must come from far away it tells you here connect to that's all we're doing holy stone we're here now let's go to the app now it's got the drone so long to calibrate the compass there's the one o'clock and learn a plot and it'll break you see that keep it in the level pick up the jump from the back I'm Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 Review gonna take your body in one full circle so I'm guessing like this all right there pop already came careful ask it stop it and now from the bottom of the face down this another the same thing this is different lights I'm gonna get started there you go