Deadly Drone Strikes – Amorphous, Free-Reigning Policy

a new story about throw strikes in the new york times first of all let me give you some of the numbers we've done uh over three hundred confirmed drone strikes since president obama has been in office uh and twenty five hundred people have been killed at least three hundred of those have been civilians as a very conservative we find out through of the new york times that uh

obama administration turns out well they did not really clear guidelines for who they were telling so they panicked a little bit before the elections let me show you what the new york times wrote they say uh facing the possibility the president on bomb a might not win a second term his administration accelerated work in the weeks before the election to develop explicit rules for the targeting killing of terrorists by unmanned drones so that our new president would inherit clear standards and procedures according to two administration efficient in other words there were no clearer roles and standards and procedures for how we killed these people boots how about that a little more above the law so obviously we don't need crusaders but wait a minute if somebody else come in office but maybe we should do some clear standards for who we did and and i keep saying killed in a way to get the wrong idea draws rates and i've been a target pit when you do a strike as a bomb it kills everybody that it hit including civilians including men women and children often times right all times men women and children uh they decide hey you know what uh maybe we should get some clarity but then of course they won election so the new york times explains the matter may have lost some urgency after november six well that's what now that we're back in charge because i've noticed stated standards in person and i don't need that it so yeah scribe but not a alright it continues uh the administration is still pushing to make the rules formal and result internal certainty in disagreement about exactly when lethal action is justified all right now that's interesting and deeply disturbing uh

we've got some disagreements so when we should kill people but that we have really made any sanders so we're kind of an ad hoc basis to recollect that now i guess so i'll was the rules that when i have any lesser republicans and democrats organs and then biologist the article for right kids go new york times explains mister obama did not want to leave in a more pissed program to successor you know that means companies right now we have a no more pres program that's exactly what we have so as i told him alone me in the way we're doing is hardly unclear finally that's right the next day waja paul why do you have an incredibly amorphous program he continues the effort which would have been rushed to completion by january pat mister romney one will now be finished and a more leisurely pace the official said opted well as we continue to bomb these folks and kill them over and over again we won't do so editor leisurely pace not the killings but figuring out what the rationale standards are as we're doing now is this deeply a moral is also totally counterproductive but we continue your times points out quote mister obama himself in little notice remarks zig knowledge of the legal government santro strikes is still all work in progress that's always your queue for we don't know what the hell we're doing and there's a fly by night operation and restricted now uh and byron is the same thing about initiation said when they reauthorize uh drilling in the gulf coast they can sell xo interior secretary when he was asking congress hey did you figure out what went wrong and have you fix that in terms of safety to make sure doesn't happen again it's a work in progress in other words nope we didn't do that at all so they're right here's a president mama told jon stewart on october eighteenth on the daily show he said quote one of the things we've got to do is put the legal architecture in place and we need congressional help in oregon that to make sure that not only in my reined in but any president's trained in in terms of some of the decisions wasn't that big mother were issues admitted i'm not rated at all i do whatever the hell i want to kill anybody i want in fact they've executed u_s_ citizens with no due process no trial mean free trial they don't even go to the judiciary in get any kind of indictment or not or anything else three or citizens execute uh they say one was on purpose but his sixteen-year-old son of the raha halt the lucky was not on purpose he was just killed accidentally we thank you although they never clarified the saddest top secret and so while we killed a sixteen-year-old with no due process whatsoever but probably it was a mistake well is not really sure but the president in this right there that is not reigned in and that their is no legal architecture in place for it that's devastating if they are the rest of you cared at all outside of austin traveled in new york times that would be a huge story of a republican did it all my got every democrat liberal progress in the country would be screaming bloody murder again who pretty much literal right when a democratic president doesn't know needs legal architecture in standards and procedures palm away it's interesting because uh in their early years in here let me put it at times again but by many accounts has been seen every shift in the nature of the targets now but this is when they were explaining cake in the early years we had uh

been targeted specifically al-qaeda leaders so if we think is the ranking outfit officer were to go and film that's how it started maxis or in the bushes back in two thousand two you know that before two thousand one we condemn targeted killings like this when other countries we did it we were like huh i cannot believe you would break international law by determining kya likha now we knew hundreds of them uh the problem is that it more so they saved bubye many cancers missing every shift in the nature of the parts in the early years most race or aimed at ranking leaders about of al-qaeda thought to be plotting to attack the united states so that's how it reads and then what happens next explain but for several years person pakistan a leader in yemen in addition a personality strikes against name terrorists the c_i_a_ in the military have carried out signature strikes began scripts of suspected unknown militants in other words as i've been telling you all on we don't know who were killing unknown militants the signature strike started out being signatures of a certain al-qaeda leader that even that was bs read like we think that that's his car in his car is in that neighborhood was trouble bomb they receive ouija right then they morph into well we don't know the setup kehta leader there we don't even know bazaar melted but there's a lot of guns they're soulless trust drop a bomb and see what happens that's a signature strike that's why we didn't wedding sometimes because they bring guns the weapons that we have the right thing interests yeah that's what happens when you want people and you have no idea what your money and spelling and killing and here it is clearly admitting they don't know what by the way in new york times is kinda missus unknown militants but we showed you in an earlier piece in the new york times that they say anyone who is male in the area is de facto caserta militant with no evidence in other words they'd all be civilians but as long as we bomb them then by definition we call them militants it is absurd is sickening to be fair though bombing missions shifted to some complex basic or such strikes have prompted the greatest conflict inside though bombing administration with some officials questioning whether telling on a new unidentified fighters is legally justified or work the local backpack while you need to tell me there's some people inside the administration was safe maybe we shouldn't randomly kill people and that might cause a bad well how do you do it right now there are some oliver jerry's is i don't buy a managers have been one of course but i love the report that is like are we dont merciful there's a couple of guys we don't listen to whoever was so i'll say hey maybe we shouldn't kill renova i think that that got a lot because i've popping now no legal architecture no standards no procedures we continue unabated gregory eddy johnson is author of the last refugee yemen allocated america's workin arabia is probably the top expert on yemen in the country's up receiver city he says quote in yemen al-qaeda is actually expanding mister johnson said the recent awkward brookings institution in part because of the backlash against the strikes so not only are they deeply in moral outside of the law and there's another word for that it's called you legal but they're also counterproductive look i'm not against all drawn strikes sometimes target intro strikes when we are absolutely sure can prevent a larger scale conflict but when it more spin too uh program that has no balance no legal structure and we're just supposed to trust the executive branch that killing the right people even though we know it killed hundreds of civilians that we know of little how much more twenty because everybody else is called milton when we have no idea if they're militants we know that killed women and children would be strikes el nino ed executing u_s_ citizens with the strikes with no due process and what are we supposed to do distrust them because it's a kindly democrat in office plan so that is hell no this program is gross is wrong izzy moral it does not help national security all it does is stoked the fires so that we had endless wars this program is not for peace is for further war any of you cared at all about this and it doesn't matter of your progressive or conservative issue say hey not on our watchman you don't kill u_s_ citizens let alone this verse in a move america by killing civilians with signature strike so we don't even know we're telling he do it with no legal justification we we share with the american people and according to the admission of the president himself no legal structure whatsoever it is wrong wrong