Dead Wrong® with Johan Norberg – Drones

When a drone replaces a plane a pilot loses his job And this one example is a brutal reminder of the rise of the machines, and how we will all be out of a job soon

But wait for it, here comes the algorithm: Dead Wrong The more machines we have, the more people we need to develop them, to manage and monitor them It sounds like an unmanned drone is really unmanned, but not really The US

Air Force has concluded that a small MQ-1 drone requires a ground crew of 168 personnel A big surveillance drone relies on 300 people to operate it And this compares to the 100 people it takes to keep a manned F-16 fighter in the air And the more data these drones collect, the more people are needed to look at this data, monitor it and reach conclusions A single drone collect enough video for 20 people to work around the clock to analyze it

And with tens of thousands of drones, that's a lot of people As one general has concluded, "The number one manning problem in our Air Force is manning our unmanned platforms"