BTS: Creating the Drone Hosts | Westworld | Season 2

♪ (INTENSE MUSIC PLAYING) ♪ JONATHAN NOLAN: So with all of the hosts in Westworld, everything is done with an eye towards deceiving the guest They should look and feel as real as possible

We wanted to see what a host would look like if you stripped all of that away That they didn't have to fool anyone They could just be the essential version of themselves Which is to say, robots, but robots expressed in biological material I took what they had had last year, you know, the creation of the hosts with the white, muscle-y tissues, and I said, "Well it all should be based on this, it's your base model, without the covering, they don't need covering, they don't need eyes, because they're these drones

" When you take away something's eyes, when you take away its ears, when you take a human form and you get rid of the inessential, you create something that feels like us enough that you begin to attribute agency, you're looking for the soul in this thing, and it's not there What the hell is that? BRUCE BRANIT: The drone hosts, that's not so much a visual effect, it's actually a really amazingly made costume KEVIN KIRKPATRICK: We have these big foam latex suits that we've been making for the drone hosts NOLAN: We knew that we didn't want our actors to have to pretend they were interacting with someone We wanted some reality

With a creature that requires almost no embellishment, from our vis-effects team, to create a lasting, strong impression That's a tall order It was a huge process And I'm pretty excited to see it on film JUSTIN RALEIGH: Putting a performer inside it

Alex, who wears the suit, is, you know, he's six foot four, and he's got, like, a 27-inch waist, and, we have to corset him to make his waist even smaller -LISA JOY: You move beautifully -ALEX: Thank you

It's really fun to work with the incredible actors who were our drone hosts They are themselves, just works of art

These tall, brilliant, physical performers One of them was actually a ballet dancer You've never seen anything so strange and stunning as a drone host, you know, doing an arabesque And the costumes were hard for them, you know It's like being sealed in a Ziplock bag, I would imagine

It's a very physically taxing day (INDISTINCT CHATTER) JEFFREY WRIGHT: You know, I was looking around set one day I was looking at, you know, these drone hosts walking around and just looking at the nature of this incredible set and it's just really spectacular And looking around, I'm going, "Damn, we're doing real sci-fi, here, man, this is the real deal!" (LAUGHS) It's such a unique look, and something I don't think anyone has ever seen It was a really fun project

They pulled it off with incredible style It's gonna be a whole new level of "wow" It's the stuff of nightmares ♪ (INTENSE MUSIC CONTINUES) ♪