Briefing da série sobre drones, U2, SR71 Black Bird, etc

hello everybody, my name is ébeo from the company Multicopter copying is first of all thanks Are you watching this video? Thank you very much four thousand subscribers of the channel

I'm even sorry that I can not answer all the questions And I wanted to do a historical series about drones Enjoy and subscribe to our channel so you have access to all our videos and tick the bell so that you receive all notifications from our channel There's going to be a lot of interesting things, Where did the word drone come from? How aeromodelling came about, that sort of thing The correct name and something about legislation make it clear that I am not I want to make it clear that I'm not a specialist and also has a holds the final word obvious has enough experience in the area but does not hold the final word to me that guy who wants a bomb and if that's the specialist even though you've seen some specialist there in the bar complaining rock was sent away was not unarmed bumba right there is not that understood so specialist is a guy because if you do not do a service sure you're sure of what's out of the market off the planet and so forth But there's even a movie that specialist and that until today I do not know if the guy wants to send a bomb there until today I do not know if the rambo and taste has not caught nobody is a case you can not confuse it with that other movie called Countdown in the stage in older countdown that has jones autonomy this tommy lee jones there is what made a bis myles tennis colander spacecraft everything is everything interconnected including in this countdown movie was who introduced me to Irish band is useful and useful and you to dance just watch we know this does not know the name of this band was created in honor of or had a useful spy ie before there were military drones there that makes the espionage party is mainly United States had long been high altitude such as if it is useful only that it ended that did not work very well because it was overthrown the naná 1960 and the curiosity that comes here on May 1, 1960, the Soviet Union overthrew a airplane in the to and eo and the vocalista and leader of the band the album vox was born ten days later May 10, 1960 there the staff was doing the relationship fell of the name suggested was interesting this coincidence and presented to him It just was not working very well knocked down and made ugly not that the plane was shocked to use up to today's ur- that is based but the united states that deal for what clean 11 to a mouth-water even they created sr 71 blackbird that even holds several records there of speed also there was a phenomenal It's the former team's macaé plane is nominally the same and it's so curious and what it is Curious is that this blackbird it had a configuration that it could fly with a drone on the back ie had a drone to call m of 20 years confessed megan then is our motto is that the pilot was found besides being flying on the fastest plane in the world that suddenly verse me if I catch him alone speeds up the pace of the world's fastest 3,500 km and record still and there the tired face there to enter more in the enemy lines or else in the league in the cold war will suffer the soviet union cuba etc the face simply inside the plane that piloted the other control plane remote there good to pilot just to know is to advance further within the line has a high-powered drone system full of things in which he gave This is it I want to do a series about drones very interesting to remember that I I am not expert does not hold the final word but I have very normal in the area I have sold enough brazil and not only drone as you were in all understood since the age of 13 or so already with transmission of the fm transmitter using that electronic knowledge then I learned programming and then worked for several years with a programmer After I worked, I studied later

real aviation did more 50 hours of flight in real airplane skin then the pm was getting was not compensating to compensate to get to the pc and would be very expensive it turned out that I came back as I started at aeromodelling and then he fiddling with the jet electric remote control airplane trolleys or other combustion is helicopter and has been evolving until on the part of drones right there before the chance owners called drones understanding that became popular and with a panic that panic put there the bank of the band invaded the farm of the record there and that serves as a curiosity I was also the one who I programmed that UN controller board that they drones and the chicken also the pieces was what I asked for there the husband finished with 20 balls são paulo that is the pilot of the then I have been in the area for some time already so I believe the next if you like this part and watch the other books in the series if you were thinking that sr 71 is a rifle a criminal code maybe will not be so interesting that I understand, but mainly the press people who sometimes it copies and sticks a lot of wrong information I'd like you to share your videos next videos of the series so you can share some of my knowledge then touch then that's it thank you very much Enjoy signing up for the low channel and this has not been signed up has already been written thank you very much if you like the series of the books one gift there is that not to like It does not matter if you have any more questions, put the comments there, ok then a hug there bock