Best Drone For Beginners

Happy New Year to everyone! And I hope you still have some money leftover from Christmas So you've seen some people flying a drone, or maybe you've seen some aerial videos on YouTube or Facebook, and now you're thinking, "how do I get into the world of drones?" Or, "what's a good drone for a beginner?" That will be answered here, and you'll find out a lot more

Stay tuned People always ask on Facebook, what is the best drone for beginners? And immediately someone would say "Get a P3S" "Syma, sir, the best for beginners" or maybe "Mavic or Spark because it's small" But before you can answer what drone is best for you, you need to know what you want to achieve when you fly And if you're gonna ask, "is that important? As long as I get to fly!" Watch this You can classify a drone into 3 kinds: Toy Drones, or drones you can buy from small shops or at a mall Aerial drones, or drones that are used to take aerial photos and videos and hobby-grade, race, or acro drones, or drones built from different parts and are usually stronger and faster than the other types of multirotors

There are a lot of kinds of toy drones, different designs, there are big ones and there are small ones But almost all of them are controlled the same way All kinds of drones, not just toy drones, have the same principles of flight: Throttle controls the thrust, or the force that the air is being pushed downwards by the spinning of the propellers Yaw that controls the left to right turn Roll or the tilting in order to move it to the sides and Pitch which moves it forward or back You'll notice that when you center your pitch or roll, the drone will put itself back to level This is called "self-level" or "angle-mode" Remember that term because we'll talk about that in a bit

Now even if you have self-level and your drone is flat, it doesn't mean that it's not gonna move, because air can push it a bit, and the leveling is never gonna be perfect, that's why it moves all over the place, unless you control it Now when you move your drone forward or to the side and you let go of the stick, it's gonna level but your drone is not gonna stop because it has momentum until you counteract it with an opposite stick movement Now let's go to aerial drones Aerial drones such as the Phantom or Mavic are built with the primary purpose of shooting smooth videos

Because of this, it has what's called a GPS- or Position-hold and altitude-hold to keep the drone steady, and minimize drift And the 3-axis gimbal also helps keep your shot steady even if it's windy or the pilot doesn't have steady hands The difference of the controls with toy drones are: Firstly with a toy drone, the throttle controls how fast the propeller spins and therefore how much thrust it produces With an aerial drone, the throttle directly controls the rate of ascent or descent, or how fast the drone moves up or down So when it's just centered, it'll just stay at an altitude unlike a toy drone where you have to adjust it until it's steady

Here when you push the stick up, the drone goes up, and when you push it down, the drone goes down If you move your pitch or roll, it's not gonna drop altitude because it has altitude-hold, and it'll stay at the same altitude even if you pitch or roll And because it has GPS- or Position-hold, even if you let go of all the sticks it's not gonna move around or drift like a toy drone Now lastly, if you move or pitch forward, when you let go of the stick it'll automatically apply braking and apply opposite force to stop it where you released your stick These features are what makes the prices of aerial drones go up and why they are sometimes called "high-end drones" but it's also these features that give it a bit of a safety net for beginners

Some people also say that if you only know how to fly an aerial drone, you don't really know how to fly yet Agree? Comment below If you want to practice flying like a toy drone, you can turn off GPS-hold by switching to ATTI-mode This is almost the same to self-level or angle-mode of other drones because now it's gonna drift as well and will not have automatic braking when you let go of the sticks, but it will still have altitude-hold If you have the money and you want to go straight to getting an aerial drone, you don't really have to go buy a toy drone first

Because an aerial drone has a camera, aside from controlling the drone itself, you'll also need to control the camera Often this is just controlling the up and down tilt, but with more professional aerial drones like the Inspire, one person can control the drone while another person controls just the camera I just want to clarify because sometimes I see people say on their post that they're on FULL MANUAL because they're on ATTI-mode This is not full manual, because the drone is still self-leveling There are almost no aerial drones with true FULL MANUAL mode

We'll talk about that in a bit The last thing we'll talk about are miniquads or racequads These are definitely cheaper than an aerial drone, but it doesn't mean that it can perform any less In fact, these things can run circles around an aerial drone, because they are built for performance There are starter kits that you can buy as a BNF, ARF, or RTF that you can buy and use immedietly, but you'll get something more if you build it yourself, because you're going to understand each part you put in and also how to repair it

If you can say that an aerial drone is like buying a luxury car, building a miniquad would be like building a racecar Like toy-grade drones and aerial drones, they also have self-level, but in order to squeeze out its performance you need to learn how to fly acro And we'll discuss that in another video THIS is the real FULL MANUAL If I go back to the racecar analogy, you can't race with automatic transmission

You need to be on manual Because self-level mode on a miniquad is practically the same as with a toy-grade quad, you can also buy a miniquad directly, but of course you'll need to spend a lot more compared to if you just bought a toy-grade quad and practice on it first You'll also be using better parts because You'll also be using better parts because they're all performance-grade, performance-level compared to toy-grade quads So I hope you learned a lot about the different types of quads that you can start with And you'll have a better understanding of what you want to do

Whether you want to take aerial videos, or you want to race your drones, or even if you don't want to race and you just want a high-performance drone, then we'll go the miniquad route So it really depends on what you want to achieve with flying If you found this video useful please click on Like, and Subscribe so when I come out with a new video then you're already subscribed and you'll know when it comes out And as always, keep building and keep flying!