what's up little monkeys? welcome back to another brand new episode of The Drone Experience today I bring you the best drone brushless money can buy under 100€ the Bugs 3 last week I was over there at the potato field and I finished completely full of mud first day, first opening very nice, very trendy and my jeans completely fucked up I decided to come here, it's a little bit better and I will not destroy the drone like last week ok let's do a quick set up I bought it from a german store it was special offer, 80€ it's a very good deal you will not make any mistake here because you have A and you have here A so I guess it will go here hey! how are you? ready to go! let's do it look so beautiful hey, how are you? how are you? you know I'm gonna crush you right? don't be sad the Bugs 3 use a XT30 female connector in order to use extra batteries i bought this little connector, you can buy it on ebay for 1€ or something like that an adaptor from XT60 male to XT30 female buy one of this an then you can use most of the regular batteries on the market the sun is coming ready to go turn on the transmiter let's connect this and we're ready to go let's take some shots from there they said it has like 300-500 meter range but better don't fly it futher than your eyes can see because it has no key return is more like a racing drone or to carry GoPro cameras now is really high 50m I guess it's really scary with the wind, omg how does it look the recording from there? it's good? let me know in the comments down below how is the quality? what do you think about this camera? do you hear that sound? battery the battery is gonna die let's bring it back good landing! so fast! normally I will crush it and to stop the engines long press to this one and, it will stop good job, you did it very good! with this 2400mah battery I got 8min of flying time with the camera, extra weight is good! so this is the camera elephone cam how does it look? is it good? what do you think? and this is the xiaomi 4k thank you so much for watching the video if you like it don't forget to drop a Like Subscribe and if you have any question about the Bugs 3 let me know in the comments down below and I will answer all of them see you next week little monkeys