Bagpipes for Beginners : Drones Used in the Great Highland Bagpipes

Hi! I am Mike Oberst from expertvillagecom

In this segment I will be showing you the reeds used in the drones of the great highland bagpipes and also the tuning of the drones These are your three drones for the great highland bagpipe This one is the base drone These two are the tenor drones Now these tassels you see here, they are just decorative

They keep them all together and if you did not have them they would be falling out of your shoulder To tune the drones, all that you would need to do would be to slide the different pieces up and down to get the tune you want You can do this in two different places on the base drone and one different place on each of the tenors The reeds for the drones are found in what we call the stocks, which are tied into the bag If you pull out the drone from the stock, you will find the reed

The reed is placed in round by hemp and fitted into the drone Air passes through the tong, vibrating the tong down to the drone producing the sound coming from the hole You can find the same drone reeds except smaller in the other two tenor drones