Avengers Sky Heroes Drones

World tech toys is proud to announce the Marvel Avengers Sky Heroes Sore the skies and fight crime with your favorite superheroes like iron man spider man and Captain America Using the included 24, gigahertz transmitter Control your superheroes aircraft is complete ease These amazing Drones are equipped with four main rotors that will keep your drone climbing altitudes Just like iron man using the Multi dimensional flight capability and speed controls You'll be able to push this drone to the limit if things get boring You can switch on the striker split stunt mode and pull off incredible stunts Just like Spider-Man for those feeling the need for speed switch on speed control to rip through the Air like Captain America Shield before landing your superheros aircraft use the transmitter to switch on easy mode to help make landing your drone a little easier, so who will you fly with? Choose your superhero copilot today with the Marvel Avengers sky Heroes by world Tech toys