Autel X-Star Premium Drone Giveaway! Best Drone for Beginners!

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com, and today I'm bringing you another giveaway I told you I had a couple more giveaways for you here at the end of 2016 and I'm following through on that promise right now, starting with the giveaway for the Autel X-star Premium drone Now, you might remember I brought you a review on the X-star Premium drone just about a week or so ago, and I'll leave a link to that video down in the description below so you can see what this drone is all about But, basically, for the money, it's one of the best drones you can buy It's got a 4K camera on it, it's got a 3-Axis image stabilized gimbal on it, it's got dual GPS, GLONASS navigation, you can control it from up to 1

2 miles away, oh, and at the press of a button have it come back to you from 12 miles away and land right in front of you It comes with a great remote control but you can also pair it with your IoS or Android device to get a high-definition, live stream of what the drone sees Now, this one typically sells for $899 on Amazon I'm bringing you this giveaway in conjunction with two of my friends

Big shout out to Autel, by the way, for providing the giveaway drone Now, if you wanna enter I'll leave a link to the giveaway page down in the description below, as well, and I'll also try to leave a card up here in the video that you would just click on if you're not actually on the YouTube page But, in a nutshell, you just need to be subscribed here to this channel, and while you're at it you might as well enable notifications, as well, so you can be one of the first to find out when new giveaways drop later this year, as well as early next year So I mentioned I teamed up with two of my friends here on YouTube, the first one is Kevin The Tech Ninja You know this guy, you've seen him in previous giveaway videos of mine

If you haven't already checked him out now's a good time to do so in order to get in on the X-star Premium drone giveaway The other you may have also seen back when the Iphone 7 launched and a couple days after that, as well I fed him baby food, he fed me baby food, we both almost threw up If you don't know what I'm talking about I'll leave a card here in this video so you can see exactly what I mean This is so thick! (friend laughs) It's like, so gelatinous in my mouth

(friend laughs) Of course, I'm talking about my boy, Austin Creed, aka Xavier Woods, over at WWE So you're just gonna wanna make sure you subscribe to both guys as well as this channel here and, again, all those details are in the giveaway link in the description below Well, that's it, guys, the giveaway is gonna go for two weeks, we'll announce the winner in two weeks, and that winner will walk away with an Autel X-star Premium drone Hope you guys had a happy holiday and a merry Christmas New year's right around the corner so happy new year, as well

We are here at the tail end of 2016 but I am not yet done with the giveaways this year, so, like I said, make sure you subscribe, make sure you turn on those notifications Today's only the 27th, there's four more days in 2016, which means there's four more days for me to drop some giveaways Thanks so much for watching, guys An easy way to subscribe here is to click or tap on my face when it shows up here in the video Please do drop a like on this one if you enjoyed it

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