Are Drones Legal For Aerial Video Filming or Aerial Photography? – Maybe Says FAA!

There is breaking news in the world RC aircraft or drones The FAA says seven companies have asked for permission to use these aircraft in television and film production and the FAA is considering their request for exemptions that would allow these aircraft to use legally for the first time

Stay on frequency for this special edition of aerospace news dot com I'm the editor Craig, we'll be right back Hope you liked those graphics, that was our entire 2014 graphics budget Actually we've been working on a feature story on this subject for some time which is actually why we develop those The news however on June second, from the FAA, is something that we think really merits its own little special story which is why we're coming to you with this today Now before you get your hopes up, this is not the FAA saying that you can now do aerial photography and aerial video with RC aircraft AKA drones in the USA legally

At least that's the FAA's position I know that there are people out there that feel differently However this is very interesting because it's a press release directly from the FAA saying that seven companies have come to them to apply for exemptions to the rules and the FAA is acknowledging the receipt of that request and saying that it came from a respected motion picture production industry trade group Here's a bit more detail about what we know so far and the details are actually still pretty thin First 7 aerial photo and video production companies have asked for regulatory exemptions that would allow the film and television industry to use unmanned aerial systems, UAS, or RC aircraft or drones, with the FAA's approval for the very first time The FAA did not say if they would grant the exemptions just that they were requested

The Motion Picture Association of America facilitated the exemption requests on behalf of their membership The firms that filed the petitions are, according to the FAA, all independent aerial cinematography professionals who collectively developed the exemption requests as a requirement to satisfy the safety and public interest concerns of the FAA, MPAA, and the public at large Three other industries have also made such requests including something called precision agriculture, power line and pipeline inspection, and oil and gas flare stack inspection They're all asking for the FAA to grant exemptions from regulations that address general flight rules, pilot certificate requirements, manuals, maintenance and equipment mandates According to the FAA, they are also asking for relief from airworthiness certification requirements as allowed under section 333 of the FAA modernization and Reform Act of 2012

Now the agency says that under that section of the law, certain airworthiness requirements can be waived to let specific unmanned aerial systems fly safely in narrowly defined controlled low-risk situations Next the agency also says that to receive the exemptions the firms must show that their unmanned aerial system operations well not adversely affect safety or provide at least an equal level of safety to the rules from which they seek exemption They would also need to show why granting the exemption would be in the public interest and that sounds pretty vague to me At the moment only so-called public entities such as law enforcement and firefighting have access to such waivers though commercial operations may be authorized on a quote case by case basis Without a waiver commercial flight requires a certified aircraft, a licensed pilot, and operating approval, says the FAA

This is a highly controversial topic in there are lots of folks that have very strong opinions about this issue, including whether or not the FAA is actually legally empowered to regulate the RC community at all, or whether or not people in the RC community have been acting responsibly We're not taking a position on it this is not an opinion piece However if you'd like to read a web page that kinda provides some balance perspective on it – it's actually on the site of our sponsor aeronautic pictures dot com and there's a link to that right in the description of this video I'd really really like to know what your opinion is but I'd like you to please express it politely and professionally Please leave a comment or ask a question here in the video if you are on YouTube, or come to aerospace news dot com and leave a comment there

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