All About Ready-To-Fly (RTF) Racing Drones | Drone Racing Report | Vol 2

Welcome back to the Dronucopia Drone Racing Report, where we talk about all things FPV Today we are talking about Ready-to-Fly, or RTF racing drone kits

RTF kits can be a tremendous value, letting newcomers easily and affordably enter the sports of drone racing and freestyle flying The pinnacle of the sport are custom-built tuned racers Builders choose everything from the frames and motors to the antenna and transmitter, and spend hours tuning and refining every aspect of their racer This requires a depth of knowledge and experience that can make drone racing intimidating for the beginning pilot This is where Ready-to-Fly kits come in

A Ready-to-Fly kit typically is composed of two main parts: a drone and a controller The drone is usually completely pre-assembled, requiring only a charged battery to get you airborne

The controller is matched to the drone only requiring that they be bound together Some RTF kits include everything you need to fly while others might require additional purchases This can include a battery, battery charger, controller and more Since many controllers can operate a wide variety of drones, quite a few kits don't include the controller If you buy a kit with a controller already included, we suggest looking for one that can be used with other drones since your controller will outlive the drone

This way you will save money when only the drone needs replacing, or if you wish to use it for multiple drones Higher-end kits might sometimes include a set of first-person or FPV goggles which allow the pilot to see the view from the drone camera and fly as if they are inside the machine Again, If you get a ready to fly kit with goggles included, make sure they are compatible with a variety of devices so they can be used with future drones For beginners, there are quite a few good RTF kits on the market and more coming every day One of our favorites is the Blade Inductrix in the $200 range

This kit includes the drone with built-in camera, receiver, battery, battery charger, and monitor with DVR Small fast and maneuverable, it is fun to fly with multiple flight modes These modes provide some leveling and stability features making the Inductrix the perfect learning platform for a beginner Another of our favorite small beginner drone kits is the Walkera Rodeo 110, also around $200 This kit includes the pre-built rodeo 110 micro-drone, battery, battery charger, and spare parts

While it requires a separate remote controller it is compatible with a wide range of choices Both of these beginner Ready-to-Fly kits are small, lightweight, affordable, and fun to fly indoors and out They are also very durable and easy to repair Good, because you will crash your drones many, many times, especially as you start to experiment with more advanced flight modes For intermediate pilots, or those looking for something a little bigger and faster, there is a large market with lots of great choices of Ready-to-Fly racing drone kits

These drones offer larger frames, faster speeds, and more custom tuning options Again, most kits include assembled drones and batteries while some might also include the remote control The Walkera line again has several great offerings A step up from its little brother, the Rodeo 150 offers a sleeker more advanced design and includes the Devo 7 radio controller and built-in battery for under $300 Also in the $300 range, the lightning-fast Redcat Carbon 210 racing drone includes a weight saving carbon-fiber chassis, HD camera, and radio controller

This is one of our favorite beginner drones that also spans the gap to more experienced users The Walkera F-210 3D introduces more aerobatic maneuvers and flight modes and is suitable for racing as well as freestyle This Ready-to-Fly kit includes the Devo-7 controller, battery, battery charger, and fully assembled drone for under $500 For experienced pilots who want maximum speed and maneuverability without diving into a custom build, a more advanced RTF racing drone is in order One of our favorite higher-end Ready-to-Fly kits is the Blacksheep Vendetta

The standard RTF kit includes a backpack, battery, battery charger, and Tango FPV remote control, in addition to the drone and retails for under $1000 Just add a compatible set of FPV goggles, and you are ready to race! Whatever your skill level or budget, there is a Ready-to-Fly racing drone kit out there to match Quick to get in the air, easy to fly, durable ,and simple to repair, these kits will allow you more time for the most important aspect of drone racing and freestyle: PRACTICE!!! Join us next time as we continue to dive into the world of FPV and drone racing Have a question or idea for a topic? Comment below or visit us on Facebook at Facebookcom/Dronucopia Don't forget to check out our video series "Top-5 FPV Videos of the Week" to view the best FPV videos submitted by our users

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