6 planificateurs de missions pour drones

hello to all today I propose to you a comparative inventory of 6 mission planner applications for DJI or Parrot aircrafts then these apps, they will run on ios or on android so in this table, you can see the compatibilities and these applications will be used for photogrammetry purposes to make a photo capture of a plot or monument they will also be used to make 360 panoramic for some of them they will also allow route planning from predefined Waypoints and then, we even have DroneHarmony which has a small simulation function that I find very nice we will be able, on the screen, to simulate the path and then be reassured about the route that will do the aircraft then these 6 apps are free they work well on DJI's main devices and some Parrot aircrafts so it's important to note that if you have an aircraft with DJI's Android screen for example on the "plus" versions of Phantom 4 you will not be able to install these third-party applications if we take one by one these different applications so on Pix4DCapture, DJI GS PRO, DroneDeploy, DroneHarmony, Hangar 360 and DroneBlocks so Pix4DCapture is an application that works on both iOS and Android and its main feature, it's going to be to make photo captures according to a plan or in an orbit around a building for photogrammetry purposes so this app works on both DJI and Parrot DJI GS PRO, it's an application that only works on ios, and only on ipad so it will not work on an iphone I find it quite complete and ergonomic and flexible in term of setting the circular function, beware, it is not free the entire application is free but for the circular function it will pay 10 euros so I bought this feature because I use it very often then we have the application Dronesdeploy which is quite close to Pix4Dcapture with a little less opportunities for missions however it works very well and it is also very easy to use so DroneHarmony is a new actor arrived last year so this is an application that still available in beta for the moment it is free I do not know what will be the strategy of this company so we can enjoy it today DroneHarmony runs on android and it allows a number of missions from my point of view, in terms of missions, the richest and in addition it's the one that offers a trajectory simulator it allows, before sending his aircraft in the air, to get an idea of ​​the flight and the photo capture that will be made, so that's a very nice and very reassuring function Hangar 360, it's an application whose only objective is to do a panoramic 360 from 23 photos so there is a very simple application to use it is almost right to connect the device and enter a user account and automatically the aircraft will take off will position itself at 90 meters high, will do 23 photos and it gives a result globally always successful then this app, it will do nothing but 360 and finally a slightly different app called Droneblocks then this one is more for the pleasure of programming yourself your drone so it can not do, as I've quoted here strictly speaking, road waypoints or 360 you will have to program yourself from elementary bricks actions that your aircraft has to perform so this app works on ios, both smartphone and ipad and I tested it with the Phantom, and it works pretty well the conclusion of all this is that I find it interesting to be able to exploit his drone beyond the photo and video applications it extends the potential of our devices to do other things automatic flight, capture for photogrammetric processing in any case when using this type of application, we remain vigilant we keep the drone in sight, we must be ready to intervene on the transmitter in case of problem and so we are not exempt from complying with drones regulations with this type of applications here I hope that this quick inventory will have been useful for you so I did this comparison because I often have questions about these applications for the majority you will find on my channel an explanatory tutorial and different tests with the Phantom, Inspire and Matrice600 I hope that the Mavic Air will soon be compliant with some of these applications to be able to test the capture with this new aircraft from DJI thank you for following me so far and I tell you see you soon for new videos around drones on the chain of Pales Drones, thank you!