The popularity of drones has exploded in recent years with new models and companies being introduced on what seems like a daily basis The uses are nearly endless: real-estate, industrial inspections, mapping, search and rescue, photography, agriculture, and many many more

While the practical uses of drones are great, hobbyists and thrill-seekers alike have flocked to drones simply for the entertainment factor, and a new sport has emerged as a result: DRONE RACING, also known as FPV FPV stands for “first-person view” Drone racers fly using virtual reality, or “VR” goggles, to view a live image transmitted directly from their drone Ever wonder what it would be like to be a Star Wars Podracer? FPV flying will let you experience it first-hand! Some of these racers can go up to and even exceed 100mph! With multiple racers, tight turns, and impossible maneuvers, spectacular crashes are common Spectators can watch the track, or even follow along on a screen in the cockpit view of their favorite racers

Drone Racing leagues have begun popping up all over the globe, and manufacturers have jumped into the fray with numerous models and accessories This new category of drone has brought with it new hardware and terminology, allowing pilots to build, fix, upgrade, and customize their racing machines endlessly Leagues have quickly grown in popularity, and the complexity and design of the tracks have transformed from derelict buildings to neon racecourses A recent race in Dubai even had a top prize of $100,000, and sponsorships have now entered the mix If you are new to drone racing, a ready to fly or RTF kit is a great way to start

These kits can start under $200 and include an assembled, ready to fly drone Some kits include the controller and even the goggles Starting small is a good idea since you WILL crash… And crash… And crash, and crash

you get the idea! Don’t worry The smaller intro drones are designed for this and are very durable, getting you back in the air quickly and building your experience and skills until you’re ready to step up There are also numerous high-end ready-to-fly kits available to get you around the track faster when you are ready to move up

And for the serious racer and tinkerer, you will find that the custom options are endless: motors, propellers, frames, controllers, transmitters, antennaes… Anything a racer can do to upgrade their drone and get an advantage over the competition You can learn more about FPV Drone Racing and hardware at Dronucopiacom Check out our ever-expanding collection of all types of drones, parts and accessories, and subscribe to our channel to learn about everything drone Also check out the ABC’s of FPV: A Drone Racing Journey as we follow a novice drone pilot as he learns to become a racer